These are some games and gaming ideas for various tabletop roleplaying games I enjoy.


A collection of example characters for Basic Action Super Heroes, a lighter version of a Champions-style build your hero from scratch with points game.


A small recap of our groups heroic tales through the Helenistic period.

Chicago On Fire

An extensive recap of a long running World of Darkness campaign.

Marvel Civil War

A recap of “The Legendaries”, a super group fighting for the good of the world.


A city book for Sinister, NY, a World of Darkness setting.

Star Trek

A Fate Accelerated Edition Star Trek adaptation.

Traveller: The New Era

A recap of a free trader in the Third Imperium

D&D 5e Page Template

Font information for making custom D&D 5e material in the style of the official books.

The Truth is a Lie

A Conspiracy X campaign wiki.

Out of the Abyss

A D&D 5e campaign wiki.