5e Dungeons & Dragons Template

Original research into what fonts were used in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons taken from http://taxidermicowlbear.weebly.com/dd-fonts.html

Additionally I used the information from http://rpg.brainclouds.net/2014/11/24/the-fonts-of-dd-5th-edition/ as well as https://www.dmsguild.com/product/170830/DMs-Guild-Creator-Resource–Adventure-Template.

New font choices are my own research into what would look closest to the original without using the typical traced imitation fonts. All fonts are open source and can be used for commercial puposes. Fonts with defined licenses were chosen over fonts with no defined license, system fonts, or undefined “100% Free” fonts from font websites.

Reforma 1969 Negra is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-ND 4.0. I believe that this means using this font in a product requires attribution. Putting a colophon in the front of your book seems like a good way to meet this requirement, as well as spreading the word about good open source projects.

Where used? Font Example New Font New Example
Cover Outline version of Modesto Bold Condensed . Reforma 1969 Negra .
D&D logo Custom version of Modesto Poster with serifs   Reforma 1969 Negra  
Headings Mrs Eaves Small Caps   BaskervilleF/Balava (both derived from Libre Baskerville)  
Sub-headings Modesto Text   Reforma 1969 Negra  
Body text Bookmania   Tex Gyre Bonum  
Drop caps Unknown   Textura Libera  
Chapter first line Mrs Eaves XL Serif OT   BaskervilleF/Balava (both derived from Libre Baskerville)  
Footers Mrs Eaves All Small Capsc   BaskervilleF/Balava (both derived from Libre Baskerville)  
Table and info box heading, page numbers Scala Sans Sc Offc   Alegreya Sans  
Tables, info boxes, examples of play, character sheet Scala Sans Offc   Alegreya Sans  
Character sheet disclaimer Interstate Light   Overpass  
Monster Manual quotes Dai Vernon Misdirect   Patrick Hand SC