Current Legends

Hero Legend
Agathon the Clever-Eyed 4
The Fleet-footed Arion 3
Khyron the Monster Slayer 8
The Far-reaching Landros 8
Maddock the Great-spirited, son of Athena 3

Great Deeds

Most Damage Done in One Attack

Landros: 19 vs Menae
Landros: 18 vs Minotaur
Khyron: 17 vs Minotaur x2
Agathon: 16 vs Minotaur

Highest Ability Roll

Khyron: 26 for Defence against Minotaur
Khyron: 21 Might for Sailing to Kolkoris
Landros: 18 Spirit for Sacrifice to Poseidon