World of Darkness: Sinister

Since the early 1900s the centre of New York State was the great city of New York. However, crime poverty and strange occurrences sprung out of control. over the past 100 years, just north of that city a new community was being built, the community of Sinister New York. It began as a cheap new home of the mega corporation known as TriTech Inc. And like Magic a city grew up around them. The government pushed endless amounts of money into the developing city, much to the dismay and agitation of the rest of the state. New York began to crumble and fall to bits while Sinister thrived and grew.

By the year 2004 Sinister has grown larger then its sister city of New York which lies to the south. Much of the shipping business that once found it’s way to New York City now ends up in Sinister. Massive steel mills and other factories outline Sinister… the smoke clouds can be seen for miles as the very air dies and withers with the massive industrial areas of Sinister.

However, culture too has found it’s way to Sinister. Known for the Golden House… a first rate Opera Theatre as well as a thriving theatre community. A massive sports arena has been built sporting the Sinister Vultures, a leading team in the NFL. Also, the Crystal amusement park sits on a island just off shore, only a short drive away and many Nationally known and internationally known dance clubs and bars are on the scene, least of all the “New” Quantum Leap. The city is truly impressive.

However, darkness grows in the underbelly of the city. A currant of strange happenings and horrible crimes has flooded the city. The larger it gets the more harsh life becomes. It seems as though people from all over the world have their eye on Sinister. The city boasts one of the largest tourist destinations on the coast. However, it’s population is always fluctuating as people leave, and come, die and are born.

The city always seems dark as the massive skyscrapers reach to heaven, including the famous Alfero Tower and TriTech Corporate Headquarters. The homeless are seen everywhere and prostitutes and dealers are set up on most corners.

A presence lingers in the air… and one can always feel the ominus hand of death as they walk down the street.

TriTech Inc.

TriTech Inc. is the largest omni corporation in Sinister and is one of the highest ranking fortune 500 companies in the world.

Their main headquarters, including PR office, laboratories and the board of directors are all located here in Sinister. The TriTech Compound is at the very heart of the city, it is from this location that Sinister grew up around. Most of the personnel that work for TriTech live in the housing facilities on the compound.

TriTech Tower is the second largest building in Sinister boasting 158 floors. The entire compound is restricted access and now one is allowed on the grounds without an appointment or proper TriTech ID.

Security on the grounds are fully equipped to handle any trouble. All carry state of the art weaponry, some which is not even available to the military, as well as an assortment of defensive and offensive armor and weapons. The security force if massed could rival the size of the SPD.

The buildings themselves are seen as towers of Glass… though no window can be seen through from the outside. The towers appear like giant black obelisks in the center of the city. Two gates allow people and motor vehicles entrance into the compound and are located on either side of the high walls. As well a heli pad is located on the top of the Primary building.

Vail Reach

The most southern district in the city, the Reach is a large residential, mostly low income community. Having one of only 3 road ways out of the city (Midnight Road), the reach is an important district for the city.

Unlike the neighboring districts of Hells City and The Gish both of which are also low income areas, the Reach is full of hard working people. Neighbor hood watches are common and many of the residents band together to keep their streets clean.

Though litter seems to find it’s way everywhere, vandalism seems to be at the lowest point in the city. Though there is little police presence in the area the crime rate is rather low.

There is a recent history of vigilante justice, reports of men and women fighting in the streets to protect the area is common.

Despite the low vandalism and crime there is numerous graffiti in the area…most of it strange symbols, most with no meaning. These symbols have been showing up in many districts but here most of all. There are also numerous slogans found on the walls, sentences such as “Now that My Eyes are Open I see what was hidden to me.”

This is an area with a strong sense of community, though you can still easily find drugs and prostitution here, it is not a place to come for true crime, there is strong resistance.

Waterfront District

The center of culture in the giant metropolis, the Waterfront district is home of the best and brightest entertainment, architecture and dining experiences in the whole city.

Home to such locations as the Golden House, The “New” Quantum Leap, The Late Night Players, Crystal Amusement Park and numerous Jazz bars, restaurants and coffee houses.

However, this area is also the hub for education, industry and restful nature areas. LSU (Lady of Sinister University) rests on the water front moments away from the busy entertainment section. As well areas such as the Midnight Garden (the largest cemetery in Sinister), numerous shipping warehouses and military complexes rest on the water.

The water itself seems black, even in the day time. Often, people who get very close to the water often have accidents, many fall in and most when they do, do not survive. Those who have gotten close and survived swear they were not looking at water, but instead some kind of inky black liquid.

This area is heavily patrolled by the SPD and during high tourist seasons many plain dressed officers walk the area.

Elysian Park

Elysian Park, with is only a few moments from Blyde Square, is the only park in Sinister Proper. It sees a lot of dog walkers and joggers on its many paths, though deeper areas are a totally different story, some say a pack of wolves have found their way into the park and set up a den of some kind…though this seems to be foolish rumor.

Many of the business men of Steel Canyon and the Gold District have lunch in this beautiful park.

Haven and Eden

Located in the North Side of Sinister, Haven and Eden are Residential and Commercial areas. Cafes and restaurants are everywhere, the neighbor hoods seem clean and safe. As with much of the North End, These areas are middle to upper income.

Neither are designed in block fashion. The roads are winding and lead in every which direction. For people not knowledgeable in the area drivers easily get lost on the roads and people walking get turned around easily.

Barris Hills

Barris Hills is a beautiful residential area located near Bricks Town to the north of the city. This is a well maintained area where many of the cities respected live. Though not as high end as Royal Overlook, Barris Hills is certainly an Upper Class neighborhood.

Few incidents of note occur in this area, though when they do the police are quick to respond. These occurances often are attributed to the woods nearby.

China Town

Located on the outskirts of Lady of Sinister Forest, China town is quite the sight. The largest in North America, China town offers the best in authentic Chinese cuisine and baubles. They hold many elaborate festivals on their streets, many say these festivals are the most amazing sights in sinister. However, few have been able to see them due to the fierce secrecy and racism which runs ramped in China Town. Few outsiders, or those from Sinister Proper are allowed or accepted in China Town, those who do enter often find themselves subject to harassment, abuse and very often violent crime.

China town boasts their own department of the SPD, which is of course an all Chinese precinct.

Blyde Square

Blyde square is one of the few beautiful areas of Sinister. A large fountain sits in the center of a large stone walk area. Many benches are set up for pedestrians to relax and enjoy the view.

In the center of the fountain sits a massive statue of a man in elaborate dress. The inscription on the fountain calls him “The Bard”, though it is clearly not of William Shakespeare.

The statue is immaculately clean and never seems to suffer from vandalism.


An old area of the city… once known as The Heartlands now is known only as “BoomTown”.

About thirty years ago the area was a promising residential ad commercial hub. The fastest growing area of Sinister the Heartlands was paradise for the urban sprawl. It was home to the best and brightest of Sinister, no city in the Americas could contend with the perfection this district was.

Over the following years The Heartlands turned more from residential to industrial. Numerous laboratories and business complexes rose to power. Soon, power stations and refineries moved in to dominate the area. The residents soon found their way to the nicer areas of Barris Hills and Brick Town.

The Heartlands however was the economic center of Sinister for some time until about five years ago. The night was cold, the full moon was shining and the city grew strangely quiet.

That night there were numerous reports of wild dogs rampaging the streets of the heartlands, suddenly fires spread through the streets and residents ran for their lives. Before the majority had time to get out of the district the night was lit up as if the sun burst into sight…

The Heartlands was destroyed in a large blast. It is believed that the explosion was caused in the sinister power transfer station, though how or why it occured is still a mystery.

Ever since then “boomtown” is home to the ruins of a once important area of the city. The skeletons of towering buildings litter the horizon, ruined vehicles and rubble spread out over the area. Though slowly being rebuilt the reconstruction is taking much longer then originally though.

The area is still home to many squatters who have no better place to go, and shadows always seem to lurk in the night. “boomtown” has also become a very well known area for finding the bodies of the dead…whether they are being dumped here or some other event is taking place is unknown…

Dock Yards

Just south of Steel Canyon and the Waterfront District sits the Dock Yards. These yards are separated into the Military compound and the general industrial docks.

The Military Compound is quite small and is set up for simple Boat maintenance and Storage Facilities, however a small contingent of soldiers is stationed on the compound.

The Dock Yard themselves reek of illegal dealings and violent actions. Though in a state of disrepair the docks are in constant use as ships come and go and cargo is continually moved around.

Luckily the Sinister Rail station is located near the docks allowing cargo to quickly be shipped out of the city or brought in.

Church of the Holy Light

Though not the only religion, nor the only church in Sinister, the Church of the Holy Light is most definatly the most important in the city. Built as a tribute to the great cathedrals of days long past, the Church is a classical Goth architecture standing a massive 8 stories tall. The cross upon the steeple shines in the sunlight and glows eerie in the moon light.

Father Balthazar Harrod, the most active member of the parish keeps the doors of the Cathedral open 24 hours…some say Father Harrod never sleeps.

The church keeps regular hours for mass and confession among other general practices. This is one of the few buildings within Sinister that still supports it’s own large lawn and garden, most others have given way to new construction.

The church is very active in social aid programs and seems to get countless donations for large business.

Harrow’s Point

West of the Hub and South of “BoomTown” Harrow’s Point is a small district of Sinister. effected slightly by the recent explosion in BoomTown, harrows Point luckily survived.

This area is home to the Sinister Power Transfer which luckily did not suffer any damage from the explosion.

The area itself is mostly an area for the city utilities. There is constant surveillance and police presence in the area due to the importance of the area.

Titus Valley

An area of residential and commercial import, Titus Valley is home to the snobs, the preps and all those who like to hold money over others heads. The area is well maintained and is the cleanest of the districts next to Royal Overlook. Titus Valley is home to the primary precinct of the SPD.

However nice this may seem on the outside, Titus Valley is known for violent crime and has the highest amount of rape in the city.

The area is very plush, with a large amount of garden and lawns. If nothing else Titus Valley is located in an excellent area of this city, within close distance to areas such as Lords Keep, Waterfront District and Blyde Square.

The Hub

Known as an area for the media, the Hub is home to the big radio stations, television and news papers.

Some of the Major buildings are KRCJ News Radio, The news Front (news paper) and Sinister Life, a magazine who publishes strange articles on the workings of Sinister…it’s home location is not known though most believe it to be in this area.


Located to the north of Sinister Bricktown was an old settlement long before sinister came to being. Designed with old classical architecture, brick town is a thriving residential area. Of course the city has consumed the district but it has not snubbed out it’s charm.

This area remains the most pleasant of sinister, with adequate police presence, limited or no vandalism, crime or poverty the area maintains a peaceful air about it.

Often people will mention the angel that protects the area. Often it is seen at night, this figure is described with giant wings, and it soars across the sky protects the homes of brick. Surely this is all just made up, probably just some bird…certainly no angel.

Highway I-94 West

The only Highway out of Sinister. The I-94 is well maintained by the city and is often free of traffic or problems. Few patrol vehicles are seen on this end of the I-94, they usually pop up outside of Sinister city limits.

The highway passes between the only major gap in the two giant forests which surround the great city. The northern forest is the Lady of Sinister Forest, the southern forest is the Black Forest. Both are thick and crawl with wild life.

There are stories of many transport trucks and passenger vans being attacked on the I-94 by giant wolves while leaving or entering the city. These claims remain unsubstantiated however, accidents are common and many people have lost their lives on the travel.

There is a northern road through the outskirts, Noon Day Road which leads out of the city, however the trip is long and the traveler must follow many back roads. This is very similar to the southern road, Midnight Road, which also leads out of the city in a very round about way.

Little Italy

Lying further south in Sinister is Little Italy, a far cry from China Town. Little Italy is open to all, especially those with money. Authentic Italian restaurants surround the area. Unlike China Town however, this area is seldom protected by the SPD, and rumors abound of the mafia control of the area.

Lord’s Keep

When Sinister City was first being built there was discovered an old community built of century old stone work. In the center of this area stands Dyson Keep, a massive European style castle.

Much of the area continued to be built in this style. As the district approaches the other areas of the city the architecture becomes more contemporary.

The district is relatively safe and well maintained, however, once the night rises the area becomes dead. No one walks the streets, no cars drive the roads. It is said at night strange noises and lights can be heard and seen. However no one knows exactly what goes on.

The area is mostly residential, the central Keep area is owned by one man, however, he has kept his name unknown.


Oasis is a very upper class area, reserved for large manors and cottages for people who do not want to live directly in the city. Many of these homes are lake front property on the majestic Lord Sinister Lake.

Among the homes in Oasis is the “Haunted” Owen Manor. Once a scene of a horrible fight and murder, the manor has since been closed, it’s owner missing. Though the home has not yet been reclaimed it is doubtful anyone would want to claim it, stories of the horrible murder and the supposed haunted aspect keeps people away.

Raven’s Row

Located in the area of the city between the major industrial heart and the busy commercial sector Ravens Row is well known for violent crimes, large prostitution rings, drugs and numerous disappearances.

Strangely enough the SPD (Sinister Police Department) has a lack of patrols in this area and seldom follows up on reported crimes. For whatever reason Ravens Row has become a hot bed for illicit dealings and haven for those who do not want the law involved.

Areas of note in Ravens Row are the local homeless shelter Second Chance Shelter, the Sinister blood bank and numerous seedy bars, porn stores and skin clubs.

Since 1991, when Ravens Row first truly came into being there have been over 140 missing persons reports attributed to that area.

The total area consumes at least a dozen blocks, though the inhabitants of the area often seem to extend outward.

Royal Overlook

Resting on a high cliff area, Royal Overlook is a wealthy and very protected area of Sinister. The wealthiest of the city’s elite live in this small district with an over look of the Knights Harbor, The midnight Garden and the waterfront district.

Police presence in this area is constant and they are quick to act when a call is placed in this area. Jewel Drive itself comes to a guarded gate, one must show proper ID to enter the area.

Shipping Lanes

South of the Gold District and North of The Gish, the Shipping Lanes are aptly named. This sight is home to Sinister Central Station (Rail), and is built to accommodate mainly Warehouses and storage facilities.

The area is ill kept, many of the buildings are in need of repair, however, the storage facilities and warehouses contain very valuable cargo. As such security is high. All of the big companies have added to the security as well SPD #1964 is located in the area and patrols often.

Along with the rail there is a thriving trucking community in the area. People are able to send their cargo via rail across the states or to truck them in any direction. Their cargo comes in all shapes and sizes.

The rail station also provides access to the dock yards for those who wish to send cargo via boat.

Statues of the Forgotten

Out of no where about two years ago three statues suddenly appeared in the city. One is in the Midnight Gardens, one is in the Garden of the Church of Holy Light and the third in the center of Sinister Square (in front of the TriTech Compound.

There is writing on the three statues though no one has been able to identify the language. The statues themselves are well carved out of granite and though they bear no familiarity to any figures of importance, there is something about them that makes them seem majestic and important.

There has been no attempt to have the statues moved, though TriTech has made several requests to the city to have them destroyed.

The first statue in the Midnight Garden is of a woman, in her hand a tambourine, the second statue in the Church yard holds a shield, the third statue bears a sword into the air. Each is blindfolded.

Steel Canyon

The center for business and industry, steel Canyon is the home of the sky scraper and power lunch. The sky is blotted out due to the height of the buildings in the area. Each building is a reflection of it neighbor as the glass shine with the artificial light cast from within.

Steel Canyon is home to Alfero Tower, the largest building in Sinister and one of the tallest buildings in the World.

It’s here that many of the shady deals of the city take place as business men trade money and contracts with little concern for the regular person.

Steel Canyon is also well known for its number of suicides as people jump from the giant steel and glass pillars, though as with most things rumors abound about murders set up to look like suicide.

The Gap

The area separating China Town with Boomtown, the Gap is a commercial area known for its restaurants and clothing outlets.

Much of the area is designed as strip malls, businesses frame the entire area and people are constantly walking the streets. Traffic in the area is torturous as the clutter of people and the closeness to Boomtown and Chinatown.

There are a few local police beats, due to the business nature of the area security is pretty good.

Hell’s City

If Ravens Row is the seedy area of Sinister, then the area called Hells City could be considered the abandoned area of Sinister.

Hell’s City is a mixture of industry and residential property. The pollution created in this small area of Sinister is worse then any other city in North America. A black cloud hangs over this area, eternally covering the area in a pitch black night and a very dim, overcast day. Most of the residential areas are abandoned, giving refuge to any who would stay there just to get off the streets, or to hide from someone or something.

The streets are littered with garbage and steel drums ablaze to bring warmth in the night. This is the other side of the tracks. The main rail line creates the boundary of Sinister proper and this forsaken area.

Murders are nightly occurrences, even prostitutes do not inhabit this area due to the dangers in the night. Hells City is the main turf of the Blood Pirates, a very powerful gang. They are extremely territorial and incredibly violent. Some have said that the Blood Pirates guard something in that area. This of course is just another rumour people create to give reason to something so chaotic.